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Our Free Safelist is the fastest, most effective and spam free way of reaching a highly targeted prospect base with your product/service via email. There are literally thousands of potential customers - each and every active member of our safelist is your potential customer!!

Showcase your business to genuine opportunity seekers and experience outstanding feedback
 on all your offers! Get more sales, signups & leads with our safelist advertising!

Join now this extremely responsive safelist to get much more exposure
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You can expect a very clean, responsive and free safelist with No spam complaints ever.

No downtime or annoying Admin adverts at the top of your messages,
just professional and strict administration for the benefit of all members.


What is Different about Safe List ?

Our Safelist has the great features that increase chances your ad being read!

Our special credit links guarantee that people will visit your site!
Our members receive credits for reading other member's ads. But in order to receive any credits they need to visit your website and stay there for 20 seconds. Our special script will check this automaitically, so you will get guaranteed visitors!

Free banner rotations - put your banner(or your html ad) on this website!
Every member of our Safelist are allowed put his/her banner here. There is no limit on how long your banner will be rotated on our website. It will be displaed as long as you have credits. Why not to put your banner or your sponsor's banner with your own affiliate link to our website right now? Join free here



Our Safelist lets you use 2 different mailing systems!

Regular Mailer:

Using the regular mailer you can send your ads to a random list of 700 members once a day. This lets you mail even when you don't have any credits left.
Credit Based Mailer:

With the credit based mailer you can email your ads to the safelist twice per day as long as you have credits left. One credit = one person you can mail to. You will get 2000 credits just for joining. Earn 2000 credits for referring a member. 

Earn 80 Credits per regular clicklink, and 400 Credits per solo one. You can choose the amount of credits you use. This is a really good feature because it allows you to save your credits and use them whenever you want to.



We are always adding new features to make this safelist better!

Look At These Great Features:
Both Text and HTML Ads to mail Ad Rotation System - Ads displayed on the site  for credits. Personalization Save up to
20 Messages
Downline Tree No Sponsor Ads on Top

This is what our members had to say:
Ad Solution Line has been a main source of safelist traffic for me for over 2 years now. There are only a handful that i read every email from. Ad Solution Line is one of them. Thanks guys. good traffic
- Brian Zens[website]


My experience is that you Guys at  Adsolutionline /Optinlister by far is the very BEST when it comes to SOLO ADS (well, your safelists is not to bad either...). When I buy a SOLO at "Dmitrys place" I always, and I mean a l w a y s, get at least two hands full of signups. I am a frequent buyer - and will of course continue to be Thanks, Guys! Michael Aslund
- Michael Aslund[website]


I really enjoy advertising with  adsolutionline  I get great results and traffice advertising with dSolutionLine adsolutionline . com  I will continue to use them for all of my advertising needs. Thank you!
- Syreeta Bolton[website]


 AdSolutionLine  is a new innovative marketing system which has helped me to generates organic targeted traffic , leads to my website at no-cost... ABSOLUTELY FREE! That is why am proud of that site with my wealth from poverty to luxury.
- Katongole Johnny[website]


What I like the most with  adsolutionline  is the html ads format plus the large number of available members for FREE version! And I must admit that my site got bigger traffics compare to other safelist!
- Dannicash[website]


 Adsolutionline  really works! I get tons of quality traffic through their site. If your looking for a way of generating massive amounts of traffic to your website, adsolutionline  is the way to go.
- Scott Schutjer[website]


Free is free , right ? But what you get at  AdSolutionLine  is results - results - results ! Get In Now !
- Alim Karim[website]


I am new with this safelist, but so far I like it because it's delivers your email messages on time as they promised. So, I recommend that you sign up for your FREE account and invite others to do the same. To Our Success, Raul Rodriguez
- Raul Rodriguez[website]


dear advertiser,  adsolutionline  has proven to be the most responsive safelist i use!!!! i use to track my hits so i know where they are coming from. and thats why i highly recommend you join  adsolutionline  today! ;)
- Nelly[website]


I have tried other safe lists and yours is the one that working the best even compared to search engine google adword. I have never had that much traffic on my web site. I can't wait to see your lists to be in the thousands and even in the millions. Your concept of credits is great and is really adding value to everyone, as for the big guys, as for the little guys. Thank you and have a nice day!
- Caroline Therancy [website]


I'm a member of different safe-lists. I use a link tracker to see where my hits are coming from. I ALWAYS get more hits and results on my site from  AdSolutionLine  than all the other safelists. I don't know how you guys do it. Keep up the great work!
- Sheri J.[website]


By using AdsolutionLine  all of my ad campaigns are up 20%. Plus I did it all with little effort, also with the tools from Adsolution it makes things much easier.
- Kelly Williams[website]


Been using  Adsolutionline  since 2006. It's a very responsive list have had a excellent response from this safelist. It is now helping me build free clickbank store to earn both clickbank sales commissions and store affiliate ones as well Combine the credit mailer with the standard mailer and you reach a lot of contacts.
- Mike Davey[website]


One word! HOT! I am loving this safelist more and more. I am always telling my team members that they don't need a lot of money to get the word out about their business, and you all proved that. Well done! Continue with the great work you've been doing.
- Miranda Jett[website]


I find < Adsolutionline one of the most responsive ad sites and recommend it highly. Bodo
- Bodo Mehring


I had to take a minute to let anyone and everyone know that  Adsolutionline  mailer has been a great asset to my advertising campaigns and continues to help me drive quality visitor's to my website. Thanks again,  Adsolutionline 
- Jeremy Mielke[website]


Internet marketing is a very new & overwhelming task for me, however sites like this make it easy, responsive & rewarding to get amongst it all. Thankyou for your great work ADSOLUTIONLINE , the traffic to my site has increased since joining your site
- Sheree Wright[website]


I am a free member of over 60 safelist programs and Adsoloutionline produces over twice as many hits to my ads than any other. Compared to most of them it is more like ten times more hits, only 2 are even close to the half as good mark. I am glad I am a member of Adsoloutionline. Happy Mailing, Thomas H. Keoppel
- Thomas Keoppel[website]


Finally! A Better Safelist! It is refreshing to actually use a safelist like  AdSolutionline  where the credits are EARNED! I - and you, too, probably - belong to too many safelists that give out too many credits. While that might make one feel like we are getting Warm Fuzzies(!), all it does is keep us from reading other members' messages! I LIKE to read others' messages and I know that others need to read mine, too, to get their messages out. This is a real WINNING scenario! Thanks,  AdSolutionline !
- Rob Dunn[website]


This would be the perfect SafeList if they had upgrades so I could send more mail! I received a great response to my offers to join TrafficDelivers during our Launch, and even more so now that we are so well known. AdSolutionLine was our Solution!
- Doug Forbes[website]


When i check my adtracker out of 20 or so sites i use to advertise, adsolution is always 900 clicks ahead of any of the others,bloody fantastic.
- Graeme Briggs[website]


WOW! A great site and user friendly, made my life so much easier, Thanks simon Harris
- simon harris[website]


As a regular user of 15 Safelists and the one Safelist that has given me the most and best results is  adsolutionline . With all the great features included I fully recommend this Safelist to all serious Marketers.
- Maurice Jacob[website]


Who ever came up with the name and concept of  AdSolutionLine  Safelist deserves a big award for the innovation. I use Safelist everyday and successful. Thanks for your good job.
- Bernd Stange[website]


This safelist has been a big help to My Ebook Store. I CAN POST DAILY!
- Roy Graneau[website]


At Last I have found Safelist that really does send out messages to it's members as soon as the are placed in the system. My response is much better than from other safelists that I have used over the past few years.
- Gordon Woodlands[website]


Been using Adsolutionline  since 2004. I have had GREAT response from this safelist. It is now helping me build My Premier Business! Combine the credit mailer with the standard mailer and you reach a lot of contacts.
- Gary Madden[website]


All along i have been struggling to build my Home-based business not until i came across this best Safelist online.With this safelist you can't go wrong
- Katongole Johnny[website]


Very quick response to my Solo Ads. I have posted Solo Ads with other safelists, and recieved little or no activity. With AdSolutions, I get OptIns within 24 hours of placing the Ad. I will be using this service for a long time to come.
- Steve Harlow[website]


I love  Adsolutionline . I always experience an increase in my opt ins, which is why I also tell everyone in my list to use your services as well. You've got a winner here. Keep it up!
- Miranda Jett[website]


I wondered do safelists work ? well I put them all to the test and  adsolutionline  came out on top more visitors to my website 24/7 Thanks Guys !
- Marcine Robinson[website]


 AdSolutionLine  simply delivers quality traffic that converts. I'm very happy with the results from Credit Ads, Banners you name it. Rock On ASL!!
- Wade[website]

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