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We are offering a few types of advertising in our safelist. We are using the latest and the best technology in the industry to ensure our safelist is clean and mailboxes of our members are active. So you can be sure we will provide you with the best advertising around regardless of what advertising type you are choosing.

CONTACT SOLO vs regular safelist mail - which one is more responsive?

A CONTACT SOLO ad should be much more responsive than ordinary safelist ads sent from credit or regular mailers because such mailings being received to list email boxes generally used for bulk mail, and CONTACT SOLO goes to the email boxes mostly oriented towards personal correspondence being daily looked thru.
Note that Each Solo Email delivered to contact email of all members contains a credit link giving 400 credits to a member for viewing your site for 20 seconds, meaning in addition to great exposure to thousands, you'll receive actual guaranteed visitors to your site!
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Adsolutionline Contact Solo Ad:

. Your message will be sent right to the members' contact emails.

Note: An advertising campaign is manually approved by admin before it will be added to the advertising query. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation letting you know that your ad was submitted.

Solo Ad Campaign # 1

Send Contact Solo Ad To: FreePro Members Total of 12029 Adsolutionline members

Additional Information: Adsolution Contact Solo Ad is sent to Entire List of contact and subscribe emails of Active members of Asolutionline safelist. Send Personalized Messages - both subject line and body can be personalized.

Cost: 17.50 USD