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What is the Ad Rotation System?
It is a system that rotates banners, text ads, and HTML ads at the bottom of every page of the safel...
How does the Ad Rotation System work?
When you add your banner or ad to ARS, It will be put in rotation with the ads of other members and ...
Who can use the ARS?
Every free and pro member of the list....
What does it cost for my ad to be displayed?
It will cost you 1 mailing credit for every ad or banner impression you get....
What kind of banners or ads can I display with ARS?
You can display any ad or banner as long as it doesn't violate the ARS terms....
Why isn't my banner accepted?
The problem arose probably because you'd had entered the full string of code like this <a href...
I have created some banner and text ad capmaigns but my links are still inactive
Please go to ARS section in the member area and select the campaign by clicking on an item in the &...