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What is the procedure for sending out solo ads?

Go to the order page at
Follow the instructions to create an account.

After a solo ad purchase, you can set up your solo ad campaign and will be
able to review your ad right from within the advertisers section.

Once approved, your solo will be sent out to contact emails of all the
active safelist members.

If you already have an advertiser account

Please be sure to follow the steps below when ordering solo ad:

1. Log in to your account:

2. Click on the "Place a New Order" link in the left menu.
This will take you to

3. On
push "Click To Purchase" button at the bottom of the page.
Then, proceed by clicking  "Continue" button.

4. At this point you should see the order form filled out with your personal info.
Please be certain there is the notice "Logged As: Your Name" in red
indicating that you have logged before you reached that page.

And from there follow on the procedure for purchasing the solo as you
should have already done it.

Modified: 2009-01-27 03:01:52

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