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How to ensure that Gmail never filters as spam the mail I receive from safelist as a member?

 One of the most often asked questions about Gmail is how to whitelist the safelist mail , in Gmail.
It’s not difficult to do with Gmail!

Here’s how to :

1. Select the “create a filter” link, which is up to the right of your search box:

2. In the "From" field, enter the following:
3. Click “Next Step ››

This brings you to the next and final screen for creating a filter:

4. At this point make sure "Never send it to Spam" is checked and click "Create Filter".

Alternatively, if you want to quickly whitelist our safelist as a particular sender by a return email address :

1. Click on and open an email from .

2. Click on the little down-pointing-triangle-arrow next to “Reply  Filter Assistant”:

3. Click “Add to Contacts list”:

That’s it! You’re done!
You've now told GMail that all future Adsolution's mail should be delivered to your Inbox

Modified: 2009-03-30 04:03:57

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