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What is Bounce e-mail?

Bounce e-mail (sometimes referred to as bounce mail) is electronic mail that is returned to the sender because it cannot be delivered for some reason. Unless otherwise arranged, bounce e-mail usually appears as a new note in your inbox. There are two kinds of bounce e-mail: hard bounce and soft bounce. Hard bounce e-mail is permanently bounced back to the sender because the address is invalid. Soft bounce e-mail is recognized by the recipient's mail server but is returned to the sender because the recipient's mailbox is full, the mail server is temporarily unavailable, or the recipient no longer has an e-mail account at that address.

Bounce e-mail is handled by a program when sending e-mail to our safelist list. Our bounce handler can retry later, set an account to pending, bounce modes or activates it if no bounce e-mails found for some period of time from that account .

Our bounce handler also recognizes spam filters and some kind of error messages and return a bounce message to member account so that the member will be aware that his email bounces mail from the safelist and take some action to fix this.

Modified: 2009-10-07 03:10:35

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